Who I Am

David A. Kalow

I am an intellectual property attorney focusing on integrated strategies to enhance the long-term value of corporate IP portfolios, from startups to large-scale enterprises.  My  practice areas include patent, trademark, copyright and trade secrets; litigation, licensing, prosecution and deals.

My science and technology expertise includes physics, mathematics, electronics, software, nanotechnology, biotechnology (DNA and RNA synthesis, antisense, RNAi, pharmacogenomics, bioinformatics), chemistry, optics and medical Devices.

I have decades of experience with prosecuting and litigating pioneering patents on DNA synthesis, pharmacogenomics, antisense, RNAi and bar codes.  I have expedited vindication of trademark, copyright and misappropriation rights; developed creative licensing programs; acted as special IP counsel in transactions and pharmaceutical antitrust litigations; and created and implemented strategies to maximize returns on intellectual property assets.

I am particularly interested  in innovative litigation strategies, portfolio analysis, IP audit design and implementation and patent validity and infringement opinions.

What I Do

I focus on helping companies – large and small – develop a cost-effective and revenue-enhancing strategy for managing intellectual property (IP). The ROI on IP strategy is outstanding because it leverages a company’s most critical assets in the 21st century global economy: ideas and creativity.

The strategic IP approach looks at all of an organization’s potential intellectual assets, and leverages every possible IP tool, legal and procedural, formal and informal. Filing patents, trademarks, and copyrights should just be one basic tactic in your total strategy.

Our objective is to make it easier to expand and accelerate business development while reducing legal fees.    A better IP strategy can strengthen market positions, increase valuation, assist with funding and VC, energize deal making and strategic partnerships, and even improve hiring, marketing and sales. It benefits early stage startups as much as midsized and Fortune 100 enterprises.

We help you to create and implement an effective long-term strategy to manage your valuable intellectual property assets, including the assets you may not yet even realize that you have.


I have represented a wide variety of clients, large and small,  in patent, trade secret, copyright and trademark matters arising in the course of transactions, trials, appeals, licensing, and strategic counseling. Since 1976, I have litigated for and advised clients in the biotechnology, chemical, computer, electronic, nanotech, optics, medical technology and other businesses.

For example, I recently helped the U.S. division of an international company to evaluate two potential acquisitions involving substantial IP risks and rewards, creating the ability to complete one transaction and avoiding the hidden pitfalls of the other.


I have authored extensively on topics related to IP trends and issues, including:

New York Law Journal Articles (David A. Kalow and Milton Springut)

Recent Law Review and Other Articles

2006 Compliance Can be Catalyst for a Smart IP Strategy: You Have to Pay for It, So Get Your Money’s Worth“, Executive Counsel, September
2006 Creating and Demonstrating Value in the Intellectual Property of Biotechnology Companies“, Financier Worldwide,
2003 Proving Willfulness in Trademark Counterfeiting Cases“, The Columbia Journal of Law & the Arts, 27 Colum.
2001 Preparing for Bioinformatics Litigation: How Will the Courts Confront the Next Generation of Biotechnology Patents“, Buffalo Intellectual Property Law Journal, 76-94
2000 When the Human Genome and State Street Collide“, Nature Biotechnology, 18:1009-1010



I am an Adjunct Professor in IP at the Seton Hall University School of Law and a frequent lecturer (LES, BIO, NYIPLA, NERA, Columbia Business School, Beihang University and other academic institutions) on how to use IP strategy and tactics to create portfolio and business value

.I  am Co-Chairman of LES-New York and lecture to professional organizations on intellectual property issues, including:

  • CALCE-SMTA Symposium on Counterfeit Electronic Parts and Electronic Supply Chain; Speaker, “Omega v. Costco, Impact on Grey Market Protection And Comparison To Other IP Laws”, 2011
  • Getting to the Deal, Licensing Executives Society New York Chapter Meeting, October 30, 2007
  • CEO-IP: Doing Good and Profiting from Your IP, Yale University, October 26, 2007.
  • A Prescription for Venture Success, Life Sciences and Healthcare Venture Summit, October 23, 2007.


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